Royhle Aviation Academy currently holds the biggest hangar in Dumaguete Airport. We are equipped with most modern safety equipment’s, maintenance gear, tools, power machinery and houses our full motion simulator. We also house a student lounge, briefing rooms and staff rooms for our crew and students. The flight dispatch room is equipped with state of the art equipment’s, pilot gear and instruments to ensure that you get the best training.


Royhle Aviation Academy currently holds one of the biggest flight training fleet to student ratio to ensure each of our student gets his/her time on the aircraft without delays. Our large and ever expanding fleet currently consists of Cessna 152’s and Cessna 172’s along with Piper Seneca for multi engine training. All of our aircraft are equipped with the most modern equipment’s and training aids which are systematically maintained by our highly qualified and certified mechanics. Our active fleet is currently unmatched by any schools in the Philippines.


Student Life

While most academies focus only on the theory and flying aspect of the training, Royhle takes it up further few notches by engaging out students in various activities and exercises. A few to name, jungle survival course, water survival basic training, camping, basic mountaineering and so on. From our past graduates and how well they have performed in the industry has proved to us that these not only give them an additional set of skills, but helps nurture their personality and builds confidence and character to each of our graduates making them stand above and beyond in a very competitive industry.


The classrooms, lecture halls and tutor rooms at Royhle are completely equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet the standards set by the best institutes in the world. The taught-learning used in the classrooms is enabled by IT and all classrooms are equipped with modern presentation devices that provide our instructors with the best multimedia resources for their instructional needs.


A comfortable place to stay in is a basic necessity. Royhle provides in house accommodation in our hostel facilities with staff and a complete kitchen with chef. Meals are prepared to safety and quality standards. Our staff ensures the quality of stay while boarding with Royhle, easing your training and making you feel right at home.


Dumaguete Airport was chosen for our base of training due to its strategic location, scenic visuals and limited airline operations. The runway is long enough for an Airbus 320 to land in with a length of 6000 ft. with Nav Aid facilities and runway lighting for night operations. The proximity to major Airports like Cebu International and Panglao International Airports make sure that our students are accustomed to international airline operations and radio communications. A wide array of IFR routes to chose from is an added advantage. Airport also houses a fire station located right next to Royhle hangar as well as most modern safety equipment’s and operational facilities.



Royhle currently conducts the flight training between our 2 top of the line Simulators viz; Red bird FMX (motion sim) and the elite Pi 135 (fixed base). Redbird being one of the best Simulators in the world with accurate motion feedbacks and immersive visuals give a real feel to the students and engages them on a real time experience. Elite while fixed base, is mainly used to practice basic flying techniques and IFR procedures. A combination experience on both these Simulators provide our students with the essential skills and prepare them for their actual flights and future airline checks at the same time.


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